Sterling Building Systems

Our expertise, unique building system and
reputation for quality are unequalled.

Reduced Risk

> Eliminate costly overruns with guaranteed, fixed material pricing for framing.

> Remove the risk of costly shortages at the site with guaranteed material framing quantities.

> Reduce losses. The home is finished in days, not weeks, which results in fewer losses due to weather damage, theft and vandalism.

> Ensure wall-framing accuracy with our customized computer software.

> Meet codes. We take the builder’s designs and turn them into structurally engineered plans that meet all local codes.

> Avoid labor shortages. Sterling provides all of the framing including experienced set crews and crane services. For the set crews, we provide all their insurance, training, scheduling, and payment.

Less Overhead

> Gain experience, not expense. Our Sterling Area Managers have years of experience and work closely with our builders. They provide consultation on every phase from the foundation to the interior finishes, to ensure the process runs smoothly every step of the way.

> Reduce your payroll. We assign a dedicated team to your project. So our engineering, building, framing crew and material experts are on your side, not on your payroll. This also reduces your workman’s compensation costs. Slash accounting costs, by getting all your materials from one source, with one invoice, and eliminate stacks of paperwork.

> Decrease on site costs with less downtime and on-time delivery. Reduce bank interest and financing rates due to the shortened construction cycle.

> Green construction. Precision engineering and factory construction reduce unused materials and on-site waste disposal.

Faster Speed To Market

> Year-round building in our state-of-the-art facilities.

> Decrease construction cycle time from months to weeks.

> Frame in days, not weeks. On-schedule framing also simplifies subsequent trade scheduling.

> Reduce construction delays. Design flaws are engineered out before construction begins.

> Reduce quotation time with automated pricing and cost control systems.

> Speed up permit process due to complete architectural drawings and engineering documentation.

Sterling Building Systems

"I have been involved with building component since 1973. Sterling Premiums Building Systems has been providing us with prompt competitive pricing, well engineered, superior product, and very accurate logistics for all of our custom residential and commercial projects.”
Mark Erbes, Erbes Construction
Sterling Building Systems